Labor Press is a 40-ton hydraulic laboratory press, used on repetitive and accurate pressings, ideal for XRF fluorescence processes, infrared and and other analytical techniques.


* Presses all kinds of samples

* Digital pressure adjustment
* Press the sample in less than 1 minute

* Accepts any type of pressing die

* Capacity of up to 40 tons
* Digital programming

* Semi automatic



Labor Press has Brazilian technology, its capacity is up to 40 tons. The pressure is obtained by a hydraulic system, in a safe and practical way, its construction is robust

and compact and can be installed in small spaces.


We have developed different tools for Labor Press, all with different dimensions needed for each laboratory.


The Safety-lock, security system prevents the operation of the press with the press area open. This system avoids accidents, as the pressure mechanism is only started after the doors are closed.





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