Peças em Platina

Platinum has a wide application in laboratories of experimental analysis. Materials as crucibles, casting dishes, dishes, covers and others obtained a wide market because of the high resistence to the heating ( high melting point) and to the attack of chemical products.

Platinum materials have great estability after long heating, reducing the loss of metal. Beyond that, platinum can be used with another noble metals, creating an alloy and turning its mechanical resistance wider.

Oregon Labware manufacture and recover platinum materials and its alloys for several lines of analysis.Including:

X-Ray Fluorescence line ( XRF- method)

  • Crucibles and casting dishes for muffle oven;
  • Crucibles and casting dishes for fusion equipments.

Standards and microanalysis line

  • Crucibles, casting dishes, covers and boats.


  • Special tongs with platinum tip.
  • Special tongs with tip coated with platinum.

We also manufacture diversified materials according to our customer´s needs.

Equipments such as crucibles and casting dishes are along used with the fluxes in the production of the tablets for the analysis by X-Ray fluorescense.

Platinum also can be used with gold, turning into an alloy, which presents 95% of platinum and 5% of Gold, this alloy allows the pieces to have a higher resistance, as to facilitate the melt removal. Another alloys in several proportions also can be used, according to the customer need.

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