Polishing Machine - Labware Polish I

After some time of use, platinum pieces tend to lose their brightness, causing dificulty to detach the melted sample from the piece, which may interfere in the result of reading in the X-Ray equipments.

Oregon Labware, aware of the dificulty of the users of platinum pieces, developed a machine for polish, the Labware Polishing I.

The polishing machine for crucibles and casting dishes improves the life of parts of platinum in addition to facilitate the relaase of the tablets of the casting dishes.

The polishing machine is compact, has stainless steel estructure in order to avoid the oxidizing and deterioration in corrosive environment, has two speeds:1800 and 3600rpm, ensuring a perfect maintenence of the platinum piece. Is bi-volt 110 / 220V, ofering more flexibility to be used in several laboratories and has a security system on the engine and on the fixation of the crucible.

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The machine is supplyed with:

  • Tool kit fix any crucible, mold or crucible/mold in accordance with the user´s necessity.
  • Tool kit anodizated aluminium, standard, with a security system to fix the crucible/mold in the machine.
  • A Kit with a soft sandpaper, 5 gram of diamond paste from Germany with grain 0-1 micron for the polishing.


Reshaper for Crucibles/Casting dishes.

P1010415The smashed platinum pieces difficults the fixation on the polishing machine or even the detach of the fused tablet. The kits is developed for each type of crucible or casting dish that is wished to be fixed (reshape), avoiding that the piece drop when polished.

The reshaper can be made for correction of any type of crucible, casting dish, dish, cover, etc, even for standard pieces to specific fusion machines.

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